Monday, 29 July 2013

Lucky Wish Mouse: Starting School by Clara Vulliamy‏

My Review

Well can we just start off by saying awww, the little Tinies are soooo adorable!

There are so many positive little messages in this wonderful book. Firstly we have ten Tinies with ten of everything, so when some go walk about we have some counting to do. Also, it very gently reassures nervous little people, that starting school will be super fun and your mum will always come back for you!

School is awesome and there is lots of lovely things to do, Clara Vulliamy wonderfully emphacises that point in here.

We especially loved how the little Tinies boarded the school balloon in the morning!

The illustrations are beautiful and we just loved seeing the adventures unfold on every page!

Lucky Wish Mouse: Starting School is a richly imagined picture book that is reassuring and positive. I promise you, the kids will love it (maybe the adults too?).

4/5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Orchard for the review copy*

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Zoe and Beans - Look at Me by Chloe & Mick Inkpen

My Review

I really can't express how much we love these super Zoe and Beans books!

The very best thing has to be the illustrations. I really do think that these illustrations are some of the best out there in the picture book world. They are super cute and very unique indeed. We would easily pick up any Zoe and Beans book just to take a peek at the fabulous pictures!

This super fun instalment sees Zoe and Oscar playing dress up, and using their imaginations to make up new and exciting characters to be. Kids can easily relate to this because little people just love to play dress up! We loved the ending too!

This book is a real all rounder because my 9 month old loves it and so does my 4 year old - So a big plus there!

If you haven't yet picked up a Zoe and Beans book, then you are seriously missing out!

A BIG 5 Stars

*Special thanks to Macmillan Children's Books for the review copy*

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Monday, 22 July 2013

Shumba's Big Adventure by Lauren St John & Illustrated by Lorna Hussey

My Review

We are new to early readers books and I have to say, they are perfect for kids who are just starting to want more out of a picture book. My daughter felt all grown up with this super little book. It's longer that a picture book but not too long for fidgety little people..

Shumba is a mischievous little lion cub, who loves nothing more than messing around, going on adventures and getting into trouble! But one day Shumba takes things too far and is captured and shipped off to a zoo!

Poor Shumba is so upset and it will take a lot courage for him to get through this BIG adventure!

Aw, we loved this storyline but we felt so sorry for this cheeky little cub! It very subtly tells kids about the dangers of not doing what your told and running off. Adults don't put rules in place to ruin your fun (even if it may feel like it), they do it to protect you and keep you safe! This book puts that point across wonderfully!

The illustrations are very beautiful and we think they complement the story perfectly. My daughter couldn't wait to turn the pages, to see what was going to unfold next in Shumba's big adventure....

This is a brilliant book that has a great message and a lovely outcome. We would very highly recommend this to adventurous little people everywhere!

A BIG 5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Orion Children's Books for the review copy*

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Nanny Fox by Georgie Adams & Selina Young

My Review

Nanny Fox is a gorgeous little picture book that we thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish!

Arnold Fox is a kooky little fellow that isn't like your regular fox! He stands out from the crowd and isn't too bothered about being different! He just loves chickens, not to eat, as most would think - he just wants to be friends!

The storyline is great and we very easily got lost in Arnold's adventure! He steps away from his chicken eating family, to surprisingly become the baby chicks new nanny! Arnold is a wonderful nanny and he turns out very brave indeed. He does the right thing and manages to stand up for himself, even though it was a hard thing to do.

The ending is fantastic and we were cheering for Arnold - the hero of the day!

The illustrations are very eye catching and we simply adored watching the big, bold and bright adventure unfold on each page. Also the little chicks are sooooo cute!

We could very easily recommend Nanny Fox! It's a delightful tale that very gently lets kids know that it's okay to be different from others and you should always try and stand up for what you think is right.

4 / 5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Orion Children's Books for the review copy*

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Monday, 15 July 2013

Mad About Minibeasts - Giles Andreae & David Wojtowycz

 My Review

"The sun is in the sky and it's a lovely summer day. The minibeasts have seen you and they want to come and play!"

This is a fabulously fun and wonderfully rhyming book that we thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish!

My daughter's topic in nursery was minibeasts, so she was super excited to pick up this awesome little book! We are taken on a singsonging adventure around the garden and meet lots of creepy crawlies.

This is a super fun way to learn what's what in the minibeast world and it's very gentle and reassuring to little people who may be a little frightened. Kids will love to then go outside exploring and see what they can find for themselves.

The illustrations are big and super duper colourful! Everything is eye catching and kids (& adults) won't know what delights to feast their eyes upon first!

5 / 5 Stars!

*We picked this book up in our local library*

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Don't Worry, Hugless Douglas! by David Melling

My Review

Aw, Douglas is such a charming little fellow that we just adored getting to know! We actually hadn't had the pleasure of reading any Hugless Douglass before, so this was a real treat!

We liked this story a whole lot and the lovely little message is a huge plus.

Douglas is super happy to be given a brand new hat by his dad, but when he goes outside to play with his friends, something unexpected happens that causes Douglas to worry a lot.....

But this wonderful book quite easily tells us that the best way to deal with anything is always by telling truth, because we all know kids are little worriers. Also, you can always go to your parents to tell your worries, because there is no need to be frightened and they will always listen to you.

The illustrations are fabulous and we enjoyed watching Douglas' super fun and colourful adventure unfold on every page!

Don't Worry, Hugless Douglas! is a lovely book about telling the truth, it has beautiful illustrations and a great little outcome. We will be looking out for more Hugless Douglas!

4 / 5 Stars!

*We picked up this book at our local library*

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Monday, 8 July 2013

I Love You, Little Monster! by Giles Andreae & Jess Mikhail‏

My Review

I Love You, Little Monster! is quite possibly the most stunningly beautiful book that we have ever had the pleasure of reading!

It will most definitely leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. The love that radiates from each and every page really is touching and it truly makes the story stand out from the crowd.

The storyline follows a parent, expressing their love for their child. I think most parents will be able to relate to this and feel overwhelmed with everyday tasks and forget the simple things in life - like telling your child how much you love them and how proud they make you.

The illustrations are big, bold, bright and quite wonderful indeed!

This is a really grate tale for all ages, it is tender, thought provoking and full of the nice things in life - we would highly recommend!

A BIG 5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Orchard for the review copy*

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Friday, 5 July 2013

Alfie's Alphabet by Shirley Hughes

My Review

Alfie is a very well known and loved boy and if you haven't had the pleasure of meeting him yet, then you are seriously missing out!

This is a wonderful way of introducing the alphabet to little people. Alfie takes us on a delightful adventure from A to Z, showing us some of his favourite things and places along the way. Everything is simple for kids to understand and they will just love learning their ABC's with Alfie!

Shirley Hughes' illustrations are extraordinary and they have a real life quality to them that we don't see much in picture books. Her wonderful style is easily recognisable from the crowd.

This is a really great alphabet book that fans of Alfie will love, it's also a good place to start if your new to Alfie's world!

4 / 5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Red Fox for the review copy*

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Beauty and the Beast by Michael Morpurgo & illustrated by Loretta Schauer

My Review

Beauty and the Beast is a very well known and also well loved story, so we were a little bit nervous about picking this up!

Michael Morpurgo has put his own stamp all over this story and changed it quite subtly, but to be honest we found the book a bit on the long side and it dragged a little for us.

Instead of just Belle and her dad, we had two very selfish sisters that were quite cheeky. Their poor father tries his very best for the girls, but for the two sisters nothing is ever good enough! But Belle is a lovely girl who would do anything to help others.

I think the very best thing about this has to be the fabulous illustrations! They are very beautiful and are bursting with colour and life. The Beast looks great and my daughter really loved him with his big blue fuzzy body.

The ending is good  and made us smile from ear to ear when Belle gets her own back in the final pages.

This is a lovely little retelling with very pretty illustrations but it seems to drag on forever to be fair - but that's just a personal thing!

3 / 5 Stars

*Special thanks to Harper Collins Children's Books for the review copy*

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