Sunday, 19 May 2013

Baby it's You written by Ruth Redford & illustrated by Amy-Lou Sharpe

My Review

Aw, Baby it's You is such a super fun 1st activity book for babies everywhere. Thank goodness it's a very sturdy board book because my son just seemed to hammer and chew on the pages for the first little while. But now he gets all excited when he sees it coming and babbles away when we're looking through it!

What I loved about this was the little Hello Mummy section on each page - each page has a different fun thing to try and do with baby, from exercises to rhymes.

Everything is bright, bold and beautiful - each page will either have something shiny or textured to find, discover and enjoy. Babies will adore exploring each exciting page.

My son's favourite bits would have to be the cuddly sheep, he loves to feel her wooly coat and of course he loves to look at himself in the big mirror at the back! After doing the copycat movements he was sticking his tongue out all day long lol!

This is a really big winner for us and we would definitely recommend it!

A BIG 5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Red Fox for the review copy*


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