Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Alphablock by Christopher Franceschelli & art by Peskimo

 My Review

Wow! Every single child out there at that alphabet learning stage NEEDS one of these fabulous books! It really is something special that truly stands out from the crowd!

So, you open the book and on each page it will say '? is for....' and it will give you a sneaky little peek of the illustration, so you can have a guess. Then you turn the big letter, reveal the picture and see if you're correct. It's really quite fun!

Some of the things are quite different from the regular stuff you would some across, like: C for cookies or U for underpants (which got a giggle from the little lady).

What we think makes this book so special is the fantastic art work! Everything is big, bold, bright and bursting with life and vibrancy. We just couldn't wait to turn the pages, to see what delights we could feast our eyes upon next.

Alphablock is the perfect alphabet learning companion. It is fun, colourful and most definitely memorable - which is really the most important thing! A real MUST have book!

A BIG 5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Abrams for the review copy*

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Peepo! Boo! Who Are You? by Helen Hurry

My Review

Peepo Boo is such an adventurous, cheeky little chappy that took us on such a fun-filled game of hide and seek.

We adore all the little touch and feel bits. The squeaky monkey's tummy on the front cover is brilliant and the corrugated crocodile page is fantastic for making that super snappy sound. All of the little flappy bits hide a different animal - you can have so much fun guessing which.

The text is short, snappy and just lovely for reading out loud. Twitchy little people who just can't sit still will delight in the length of this book.

The illustrations are really eye-catching and have the most interesting little patterns. We especially loved the stripy tiger.

Peepo! Boo! Who Are You? is a great book for babies, who I'm pretty sure will find it all super duper fun!

4 / 5 Stars

*Special thanks to Simon & Schuster Children's Books for the review *

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Caterpillar Books: Ten Twinkly Stars (Illustrated by Russell Julian)

My Review

Aw, this is such a sweet little book that introduces counting in such a nice and very positive way!

There are 10 cut out twinkly stars, which is just great for touch counting. Each page has a fab animal to discover and with the flip of every page you can count down the numbers until zero.

The way the text rhymes is so good, it captures and holds little folks' attentions. Our favourite page has to be the one with the super cute bears, who 'cuddle up together until the night is gone.'

Everything winds down so beautifully for a lovely bedtime cuddle and a goodnight kiss!

Ten Twinkly Stars is a fantastically warm and inviting counting bedtime book, that we really love to read. The illustrations are subtle, stunning and most definitely have the super cute factor. A definite cuddly must read novelty book!

5 / 5 Stars

*With special thanks to Caterpillar Books for the review copy*

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Richard Scarry‏'s Biggest Word Book Ever!

Holy cow - this book is absolutely huge! It has a lot of uses, including hiding behind and under. We seriously had so much fun with this monster word book - educationally with my 5 year old, but crawling over, under and bashing with my 11 month old. Good job it's super sturdy (it may even contain a bite mark).

Our eyes were boggled at all the wonders that we explored on each page. Not going to lie, but I have never seen so many different vehicles in my entire life! We especially loved the apple car!

The characters are so charming and funny, we were always looking out for poor Mr Fumble, who manages to have a little mishap on every page. Lowly Worm is also a cool little dude and we were so excited to discover what kind of apple thing he was going to be in next - the apple plane is a personal fav!

Every child should have one of these ace word books - they are bursting with life and vibrancy. Hours upon hours of fun to be had with learning all the new words, but you can also make up games like; hide and seek and eye spy. We are constantly pulling it out again and again to marvel at the delights inside - I still don't think we have discovered everything.....yet!

A BIG 5 Stars

*Special thanks to Harper Collins Children's books for the review copy*

Monday, 4 November 2013

Reasons My Kid is Crying by Greg Pembroke‏

 My Review

This is a super fun little delight of a book that had me laughing out loud like an idiot!

Everyone knows children cry, but until you're a parent you will never understand just how much! It's a relentless noise that never ends and when you get to the end of a long cry filled day and tuck them nicely into bed - you can bet there will be at least one whimper throughout the night!

This book is empowering, it lets us readers know that you are not alone. Children all over the world are blubbering about the most ridiculous reasons - which after the hair pulling event, is actually quite funny!

Greg Pembroke started something quite brilliant and it has been so wonderful to see everything together in this book - let's hope it's the first book of many!

The collection of crying children in here are hilarious. I particularly liked the: eating diaper cream, he threw all his toys in the toilet, he doesn't like the grass and I have no idea why my child is crying pages.

All in all, this is a charming and very funny book, that I would highly recommend to parents who think their children cry too much and are pulling their hair out! You are not alone parents!!

5/5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Boxtree for the review copy*