Thursday, 11 July 2013

Don't Worry, Hugless Douglas! by David Melling

My Review

Aw, Douglas is such a charming little fellow that we just adored getting to know! We actually hadn't had the pleasure of reading any Hugless Douglass before, so this was a real treat!

We liked this story a whole lot and the lovely little message is a huge plus.

Douglas is super happy to be given a brand new hat by his dad, but when he goes outside to play with his friends, something unexpected happens that causes Douglas to worry a lot.....

But this wonderful book quite easily tells us that the best way to deal with anything is always by telling truth, because we all know kids are little worriers. Also, you can always go to your parents to tell your worries, because there is no need to be frightened and they will always listen to you.

The illustrations are fabulous and we enjoyed watching Douglas' super fun and colourful adventure unfold on every page!

Don't Worry, Hugless Douglas! is a lovely book about telling the truth, it has beautiful illustrations and a great little outcome. We will be looking out for more Hugless Douglas!

4 / 5 Stars!

*We picked up this book at our local library*

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