Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Alphablock by Christopher Franceschelli & art by Peskimo

 My Review

Wow! Every single child out there at that alphabet learning stage NEEDS one of these fabulous books! It really is something special that truly stands out from the crowd!

So, you open the book and on each page it will say '? is for....' and it will give you a sneaky little peek of the illustration, so you can have a guess. Then you turn the big letter, reveal the picture and see if you're correct. It's really quite fun!

Some of the things are quite different from the regular stuff you would some across, like: C for cookies or U for underpants (which got a giggle from the little lady).

What we think makes this book so special is the fantastic art work! Everything is big, bold, bright and bursting with life and vibrancy. We just couldn't wait to turn the pages, to see what delights we could feast our eyes upon next.

Alphablock is the perfect alphabet learning companion. It is fun, colourful and most definitely memorable - which is really the most important thing! A real MUST have book!

A BIG 5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Abrams for the review copy*

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