Friday, 7 February 2014

Marmaduke the Very Different Dragon by Rachel Valentine & Ed Eaves

My Review

Aw, this is a glorious story about the value of finding friendship for just being yourself!

Marmaduke is a gorgeous little fellow, but he's very different from all the other dragons. It even puts him off flying like all of the others because he wings are...he thinks...a little...strange!

Our poor little dragon is teased by others and thinks that he will never find a princess of his very own to protect...

When Marmaduke reveals his secret wings...there are the most fabulous explosions. You see, after everything, Marmaduke finds a friend and really that is the most important thing in the whole world!

Marmaduke the Very Different Dragon is a beautifully heartwarming story that will give the reader the warm and fuzzies. It has the most important messages for little ears and little eyes will be delighted by the most eye-catchingly wonderful illustrations - look out for that super sparkly surprise!

5 /5 Stars!

*with special thanks to Bloomsbury for the review copy*

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