Monday, 29 April 2013

Smiley Shark and the Great Big Hiccup by Ruth Galloway

My Review

Smiley Shark and the Great Big Hiccup is the most hilarious tale that could quite possibly end up giving you the hiccups yourself!

The storyline follows Smiley Shark and the adventures he gets up to with his super fishy friends, to try and get rid of those bothersome hiccups.....

The pacing is really great and while we thought everything was very funny, we did feel a little bit sorry for poor Smiley Shark!

The best part of this was the way the story was brought so fabulously to life with the super vibrant illustrations. We couldn't stop looking at all the underwater fun that fills up every page.

The ending is another huge plus and the whole book ends on a big high.

A really great fun-filled book that really did glue us to the pages from start to finish!

4/5 Stars

*I was given a copy if this book as part of Little Tiger Press' parent panel. Thank you*

Carly :)

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