Sunday, 8 September 2013

Hugless Douglas Finds a Hug by David Melling‏

My Review

I simply cannot put into words how excited we were to have this gorgeous book in our hands! My 2 children even fought over who was going to keep the book!

We adore Douglas and I think anyone who has ever had the pleasure of meeting the little guy will have wanted to give him a cuddle. Well, now you can! He is super soft, fuzzy, larger than life and peeks out of the middle of this wonderful picture book!

We have huggled him, snuggled him and showered him with love. So it's safe to say that he isn't so hugless anymore!

The best bit for us was the way Douglas could be moved around perfectly along with the storyline. You can stretch him, make him look all around and have him try to hug everyone. But in this story you are the person to cheer up Douglas with a big hug!

The illustrations are super duper but obviously the very best thing is Douglas himself. This book is strong, sturdy and hopefully will last a lifetime because it truly is a real keeper, that we will enjoy reading over and over again!

A HUGE 5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Hodder for the review copy*

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