Sunday, 15 September 2013

Troll and the Oliver by Adam Stower

My Review

Troll and the Oliver is a delightful adventure story full of humour and tricky business!

The storyline follows a very hungry Troll and a pesky little guy called Oliver! Everyday Troll tries to eat Oliver, but Oliver proves to be a sneaky and slippery little fellow to get your hands on.

We go through all the trials Troll faces to catch Oliver, until one day the Troll isn't lying in wait for him! Oliver couldn't possible have won - could he?

There is more than one shocking moment in this story....

The ending is brilliant and is something we most definitely didn't see coming!

Troll and the Oliver is a charming little tale that is full of fun and twisty turns! The illustrations are fantastic and we delighted in the adventure playing out on every page.

Another big plus has to be the troll cupcake recipe at the back of the book. Which we will definitely be trying rather soon....

A BIG 5 stars!

*Special thanks to Templar for the review copy*

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