Monday, 14 April 2014

Baby Touch: Hello Mummy!

My Review

Hello Mummy is an adorable little board book that is just the perfect size for little fingers!

Each page has a super cute baby animal and the question - Where's your mummy? Then there are the mummy animals who each have a different touch and feel bit to discover and explore. There are pandas (our favourite), kittens, lambs, ducklings and a lovely little mirror mummy surprise at the end. The mirror is a big plus because what baby doesn't love to look at themselves?

This is a really bright and sunny board book that is just bursting with life and vibrancy.

Hello Mummy is a really beautiful picture book perfect for sharing with baby. It introduces animals in a fun way and also different textures. One of the better first touch-and-feel board book out there!

4 / 5 Stars

*Special thanks to Ladybird for the review copy*

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