Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Busy Railway - Illustrated by Rebecca Finn

My Review

'Busy Railway, say hello, all aboard, now off we go!'

Busy Railway is a super strong and very sturdy board book that has some fantastic push, pull and slide tabs to explore.

It takes the reader through a super busy day on a railway. From getting all aboard, to train watching in the busy station, even seeing level crossings - your little folks are sure to have a blast! The little tabs are great for practising those fine motor skills and each page throws up some fantastic talking points for you and your little person.

The text is short, to the point but rhymes in a really beautiful way. Perfect for twitchy little people who can't sit still for too long.

Busy Railway is a super busy book that is bursting with life and colour. A lovely little extra is the busy bee to try and find and discover on each page! There is so much to learn and discover - it's a real must have!

4 / 5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Macmillan for the review copy*

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  1. I love the illustrations on the cover of Busy Railway. It looks like a really fun book :)