Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Father's Day Round-up!

Peppa Pig: My Daddy

This gorgeous little board book is all about Peppa Pig and her daddy! It would make the perfect Father's Day gift and is just wonderful for daddies to share with the little people in their lives.

In this story, Peppa tells us why her daddy is so special. He is funny, likes to have fun, reads bedtime stories, goes on seaside trips, is super brave but also a tad lazy and a little clumsy. Best of all Peppa knows he loves them more than anything else in the world.

We adored seeing Peppa, George and their daddy go on super fun adventures. We especially enjoyed the teeny tiny bit clumsy page.

My Daddy is a lovely little read that is full of fun, humour and a father's love. It really is a must read for Peppa fans everywhere.

Baby Touch: Hello Daddy!

Hello Daddy is a marvellous board book that is all-round charming and perfect for sharing with dad's everywhere.

Each page has a baby animal and the question - 'where is your daddy?' and on the opposite page is it's daddy animal. Also with a lovely little touch and feel bit to discover and explore.

Our favourite page has to be the last one as it has an illustration of a baby and a mirror. We all know babies love mirrors - so this is wonderful for them to gaze at themselves and of course their daddies in.

The illustrations are ever so bold and vibrant. Babies will delight in all of the beautiful colours.

Another big winner from Ladybird's Baby Touch range. These books are just made for exploring together. We can't wait to have our hands on the next one.

Sorry Dad by Maxine Lee

You know those days, when everything that can go wrong will go wrong? And your children will accidentally push your buttons all day long? Well this book is a bit like that.

The father and child in this tale are usually the best of friends but seem to be having a bit of an off day. The little person in this story seems to be getting up to a bit too much mischief and his poor dad is anything but happy. The pair manage to make it up in a rather funny way though.

There really isn't anything better than a father's love and bond with their child - this fab book pushes home that point wonderfully. It even makes parents feel a tad relieved that they aren't the only ones to have these off days. Also, anything can be solved by apologising and some well meaning gestures.

Sorry Dad is a fantastically illustrated book that is full of fun, mis-hap and great messages - perfect for some daddy time!

Me and My Daddy

Looking for something perfect for your child to share with their dads this Father's Day? Then look no further than this fantastic little carry case, complete with card and collection of four books.

The Fathers Day card is really wonderful and children will delight in decorating their very own card for their dads special day. The card comes with a sheet of super cute stickers to help with the decorating.

The books are all father themed and are just great for snuggling up and sharing with dad. The four books are called: Oops-a-Daisy, My Daddy and Me, Before We Go to Bed and The Very Happy Hippo. Our personal favourite being the adventurous and very touching My Daddy and Me.

This fantastic Me and My Daddy carry case is a bright and cheery must have for children everywhere - we love!

*With special thanks to Little Tiger, Caterpillar & Ladybird for the review copies*

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