Thursday, 5 June 2014

My Pop-up World: Weather by Nicola Killen

My Review

This fantastic little pop-up weather book is a huge favourite in our house as there is plenty to discover and explore.

Kids will adore turning each page to find a brand new weather related pop-up. The pop-ups themselves are excellent and really bounce right up out of the page. Our favourite had to be the page with the twirly whirly scarf, as it sprung and boinked right up over two pages.

The only downside - the pop-ups are very easily ripped, so I would say this book is best shared with those rough little fingers.

What child doesn't want to learn about the world around them and this is a wonderful little insight into different sorts of weather. We loved that when the weather was really terrible, the little person in this book stayed indoors and read the little book of weather.

A bright and cherry pop-up book that introduces weather in a really fun filled way - what's not to love?

4 / 5 stars

*Special thanks to Egmont for the review copy*

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