Thursday, 17 October 2013

Amazing Baby: Boing, Boing! by Emma Dodd

My Review

This super sturdy little board book is a whole lot of bouncing, boinging fun!

It has big, bold and super attractive illustrations that are just fantastic to look at. We adored the little patterned back-rounds and we especially loved the super cute little boingy bunny.

This book takes us through all the things that go boing; balls, rabbits, frogs, a jack-in-a-box and even kangaroos....

There is also a little sound button that goes 'boing', so little folks can boing away to their book. Or if you are my little guy, just press the button repetitively at random occasions throughout the day.

There is also a lovely little surprise bouncing thing at the end, see if you can guess?

All in all, this is yet again another winning Amazing Baby book. Every baby needs their very own selection of Amazing Baby books.

5/5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Templar for the review copy*

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