Saturday, 26 October 2013

Amelie & Nanette: Sparkly Shoes & Picnic Parties by Sophie Tilley

My Review

There are times when you come across a picture book that is truly something special and you will marvel at it's beauty for an age before even presenting it to your child - this is definitely one of those special books!

Sophie Tilley has created a masterpiece, her vintage styled illustrations are truly delightful and have such delicate beauty and charm. We didn't know what to feast our eyes over first, the picnic looked divine, the girls' dresses and shoes exquisite, but a personal favourite had to be the gorgeous dog - Pilou (who is rather naughty).

The story follows best-friends, Amelie and Nanette, on a day full of adventure and mishap. This beautiful story pushes the friendship card out there, because really, what can be better than a very best-friend?

Sparkly Shoes and Picnic Parties is a glorious picture book that is just perfect for any little lady out there. It is bursting with charm, beauty and little hints of French chic. We just can't wait to go on more fun adventures with Amelie and Nanette.

A BIG 5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Bloomsbury for the review copy*

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