Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Yes by Sarah Bee & Satoshi Kitamura

My Review

The Yes is a powerful story who's message is not only for children but for adults alike!

In a world full of No's, closed doors and rejections it can be tough to push through and fight back to try and get what you want out of life. This fantastic story does exactly this and it's very empowering!

In a lovely comfy place is a thing called a Yes, who has to try and get to where he needs to be. But to get there he must battle his way through a barrage of endless No's who try and stop him and bring him down. It's a bumpy journey for the Yes and at times it looks like he'll never get there, but he never gives up or gives in to the endless stream of No's that try and drag him under.

The artwork in here is glorious - really eyecatchingly vivid and inviting.

The Yes is actually quite a moving story about overcoming your fears and your own self-belief. Everyone out there needs to hear this message - so either buy it to share with the little folks in your life or even just for yourself! I really can't recommend it enough!

5 / 5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Andersen Press for the review copy*

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