Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Pandamonium at Peek Zoo by Kevin Waldron‏

My Review

Pandamonium at Peek Zoo is a fabulously fun adventure story that is full of danger and excitement!

Mr Peek the zoo keeper is a bit of a careless old fellow and is always running into sticky situations. But when he invites the public to come visit the new baby panda, Lulu, he makes a trail of little mistakes which could end up leading to a BIG pandamonium at Peek Zoo!

This has such a great storyline and it lets kids know that being careless and rushing through things without pausing for thought can sometimes be disastrous.

Mr Peek's son Jimmy is a brilliantly helpful boy who ends up running around fixing his dads mistakes.

The illustrations are stunning, they stand out from the crowd and are a touch quirky. We especially liked all the little newspaper articles and best of all the fold out animal parade page - which turns out tickety-boo as dear old Mr Peek would say.

This is a gorgeous little picture book that has a great message and is tons of fun - we would highly recommend it!

4/5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Templar for the review copy*

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