Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Wild Child by Jeanne Willis & Lorna Freytag‏

My Review

We LOVE this book!

This is one of the most special picture books we have ever came across. The most spectacular thing about it has to be the real child that is the wild child in this story - I'm not too sure I've ever seen anything quite like this before.

Inside the beautiful pages we are taken on a journey with the very last wild child left in the wild. It's full of the very best things in life, children should be allowed to be children and I loved seeing this point emphasised here.

The child in this book just wants to be free, she runs wild with nature and doesn't want silly shoes and rules! My daughter is a bit of a wild child herself and at the weekend she likes nothing more that dressing herself in bonkers outfits and getting very messy - which is wonderful!

The rhyming quality to this book is simply perfect for reading out loud and believe me we have read it out loud many times.

This is one of the most beautiful picture books I've ever held in my hands and  think everyone must read it. Parents should take note and let their kids be wild and messy because it's the best and most fun way to learn.

We got this little gem out of the library and we will most definitely have tears when it's time to take it back next week!

Go pick it up for yourself today - we highly recommend it!!

A BIG 5 stars!

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