Monday, 10 June 2013

Ruff and the Wonderfully Amazing Busy Day by Caroline Jayne Church

My Review
Aw, this is such a sweet little picture book that is full of fun, surprises and best of all friendships!

Ruff is such a busy little dog and he is having quite a busy day making himself a new pond for his garden, but when digging he comes across a mouse who is a little upset that someone has wrecked his house!

Ruff manages to make a friend and together things become much more fun but another unexpected arrival makes for one wonderfully amazing day.

We loved the outcome of this and we were oh so very pleased that everyone didn't have to be lonely anymore. Friendships are so important and this super picture book gently tells kids that friendships can come from everywhere and anywhere.

The illustrations are beautifully bright and are bursting with life - kids will adore watching the story unfold on each colourful page.

This is a wonderful picture book that has some seriously cute unlikely friends and is guaranteed to make you smile if nothing else!

4/5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Harper Collins Children's Books for the review copy*

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