Monday, 5 May 2014

Kipper's Birthday by Mick Inkpen

My Review

Wow! I actually can't believe Kipper's 25! He's as old as me and still as fresh and exciting as ever! I love being able to share my much loved stories with my own children.

Kipper's Birthday is a truly glorious story that is not only charming, but packs a big punch emotionally. I felt so dearly for Kipper, who's silly birthday invitation mistake had him feeling like none of his friends wanted to come. We loved seeing his friends rally together and try to work out the confusion.

Our favourite part was the baking of the cake....which Kipper truly done to the best of his ability....well, for his very first attempt anyway. Also the birthday present surprise.

Kipper's Birthday is a book I could wholeheartedly recommend. It's full of warmth, humour, silliness and the very best of illustrations. So go pick it up today - you'll be in for a treat.

5 / 5 Stars

*Special thanks to Hodder for the review copy*

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  1. I remember reading this book when I was little, it was my favourite book! Love Kipper! Thank you for posting this, it brought back many happy memories :)