Sunday, 18 May 2014

Scooter Bee & Scooter Bug by Marion Billet

My Review

Okay, not going to lie, it wouldn't matter what was inside these books because....they have whizzy wheels!! Hooray! You can zoom and broom them all over the place and it really is such fun!

Scooter Bug is a lovely little lady bug that goes on a big scooting mission. She goes through the town, past the postman...then arrives at her friends house in time for a birthday tea.

Scooter Bee is in the park playing ball when disaster strikes. A naughty dog
steals the ball and he has to go on a big scooting adventure around the park to get it back. We loved trying to find where the naughty dog was hiding on each page.

Each book rhymes and flows so beautifully. The text is also short, sweet and perfect for twitchy little folks...who just want to whizz on those wheels. Each page is also super duper vibrant and there is so much to discover and explore.

Scooter Bee and Scooter Bug are fantastic little whizzy board books that boys and girls everywhere will love!

5 /5 stars

*Special thanks to Campbell for the review copy*

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