Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Red Early Readers!

Horrid Henry's Wedding by Francesca Simon & illustrated by Tony Ross

Horrid Henry's Wedding is a red early reader book and if I'm honest it has taken us quite a while to master. My 5 year old daughter wasn't quite ready to make the move from blue to red early readers yet - but she was very determined to do it herself!

As you can imagine with anything Horrid Henry related - it's hilarious! This storyline sees Henry become a page boy for his older cousin Prissy Polly's wedding and he's anything but thrilled. There are a lot of tantrums, funny outfits, mishaps and brilliant Horrid Henry antics!

The ending is rather funny indeed!

Horrid Henry's Wedding is a great book for children to read or for sharing together. It full of laughs and fantastic illustrations. A must read for Horrid Henry fans everywhere.

4 / 5 Stars

Monstar Finds a Home by Steve Cole & illustrated by Pete Williamson

Monstar Finds a Home is another fab red early reader and like Horrid Henry's Wedding, my 5 year old found it a little on the difficult side. What child doesn't like a challenge though and slowly but surely she got there - yay!

Jon and Jen's parents are scientists. Their experiments are a little on the wild side and never seem to go quite as planned. The siblings really want a pet but when their parents suggest inventing them one....they don't know what to think....anything could happen.

When their parents emerge form their secret lab, they are introduced to....Monstar!

Monstar is a pet with a difference. He gets up to all sorts of mischief, which makes mum and dad angry. But when disaster strikes she barrels in to save the day!

Monstar Finds a Home is a great story for sharing with the early reader in your life. It's fun, charming, full of surprise...even peril. We enjoyed going on an adventure with Monstar - who gets into all sorts of trouble.

4 / 5 Stars

*Special thanks to Orion for the review copy*

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